As Seen on TV

When the pros want footage of epic Ontario wilderness and take after take of giant Pike and Walleye – they come to us.

The Pros Love Esnagami Lodge

To write a great article, or make a great TV show about Pike, Walleye, or Brook Trout fishing, you need a lot of footage of your hosts catching fish. For those who make fishing their business – like Kyle Randall, Pete Bowman & Bill Spicer – Esnagami has become a key wilderness destination.

Here’s what a few of our regulars have to say:

Kyle Randall – Wilderness Journal:

“Folks, if you get a chance to come up to Canada to a place like Esnagami Lodge, Do it! We’ve had a wonderful time here. We had a great time last year, and this year is even better, with more and bigger fish…I’m telling you, man woman or child, 18 or 80 can come here and catch fish” …Watch the full episode

Jim Graca – Midwest Outdoors Magazine:

“An explosion occurred and my extra heavy rod was loaded up – 18 pounds of pike put a hurt on me. After posing for a photo and releasing the beast my Dad yelled, “Fish, big fish!” duplicating my catch with another pike pushing 18 pounds. Five minutes later, I had another fish on and what I thought was a small pike turned out to be an eight pound walleye. At the end of the day we had caught 27 pike between 10 and 22 pounds and three big walleye on these huge offerings. It was absolutely amazing.” …Read the full article

Bill Rivers – Ontario Fisherman Magazine:

“Appreciate, if you can, the tone of the outing and the concentration spent on each retrieve after hooking and landing a thrashing, 15-pound-plus brute on a first cast! But wait. After catching scores of decent pike ranging from 3 to 12 pounds (and at least one on every lure in my pike arsenal), the morning came to an end with a hefty 41-inch wolf which I promptly released so that I could rest and take in the events of that exciting outing.” …Read the full article