Yes, we are remote. Because this is where the fish are.

They say getting there is half the fun – and that’s certainly true when it comes to making your trip to Esnagami Lodge. Fly to Thunder Bay, Ontario from most major U.S. and Canadian cities, then rent a car, hire a taxi or take a local flight to our base and Nakina. Or make it a real adventure and drive the entire way.

The guide below gives rough driving times from Toronto, Ontario, as well points in the northern U.S.. Enjoy the peaceful drive through pristine Canadian wilderness – and with every mile that you head further north, know that you’re getting closer to some of the best fishing this continent has to offer.

After you arrive in Nakina, Ontario, you’ll board a floatplane that departs from the air base on Cordingly Lake, just north of town. Then enjoy the short 15-minute flight to the Main Lodge on Esnagami Lake, where your adventure truly begins.

(807) 329-5209
Nakina, Ontario, Canada P0T 2H0

Please contact us for exact departure times.

By Air:

  • Your own aircraft – Direct to Nakina or Geraldton
  • Charter Service – Air Canada, Northwest, Porter Air or Westjet: From most major cities to Thunder Bay
  • Nakina Air Service – Thunder Bay to Nakina
  • Car rental or taxi service available to floatplane base
    (please call for details)

By Road:

  • Duluth to Thunder Bay Hwy. 61, Thunder Bay to Geraldton, Hwy. 11 then to 584 to Nakina
  • Drive: Toronto to Nakina via Hwy. 400, 11 and 584
  • Drive: Sault Ste. Marie to Nakina via Hwy. 17, 631, 11 and 584